Canvas production process for paintings -

Canvas production process

From fabric to artist's canvas, the treatment involves 5 steps:

1. We apply a film of synthetic glue to the cloth, which protects it against the acids in the oil paint and gives it a much longer life.
The glue also makes the fabric smoother and stronger
2. Then we apply a second coat of glue, drying the cloth in a dry air oven after each coat.
3. Then we coat the fabric with a primer. The choice of primer is very important, as it determines how the finished canvas will absorb the paint and therefore what types of paint the canvas will be best suited for.

  1. The next step is to gently sand the fabric using a sanding roller.
    5. The primer layer is followed by a second coating layer: the coating

Painters work with a variety of types of paint. Each type of paint requires a specific coating.
There are three types of canvas:
- An oil canvas is intended for oil painting only
- Absorbent cloths are intended for tempera
- Universal canvases are suitable for oil painting and acrylic painting

Each type of artist's canvas receives a specific treatment after gluing.

Three types of fabric: three treatments

For an "oil canvas", zinc white is used as a primer, bound with linseed oil. Then the canvas is put in a dryer for three days where it naturally air dries.
After that, we sand the canvas again and apply a layer of white titanium coating. The canvas must then return to the drying room for another use.
The "absorbent canvases" receive two layers of chalk primer, bound by glue made from rabbit skins. As this primer is water-based, these canvases can be dried in the air dry oven, where the water can evaporate faster.
The "universal cloths" undergo the same treatment as the absorbent cloths, but the two layers of primer are based on white titanium.

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