Canvases for Painters: Manufacturing tips -

  • LABEL TOILE by Marie Claire: Essential address.

    Passionate about drawing and painting, Sophie Peres seeks to nurture her creativity whenever she can, her life being shared by her profession and her role as a mother. This mother also wants to pass on her passion to her three children, as well as her values. She therefore goes in search of high quality canvases and frames made in France. When she discovers craftsmen who design the ideal products, she decides to share her findings with as many people as possible and therefore creates Label Toile, her online store of fabrics and frames made in France . “These products showcase French know-how,” emphasizes Sophie.
  • Design process of a wooden frame for paintings –

    Making your own chassis is obviously possible but from experience, we do not recommend it and would even go so far as to say that it is, most often, a bad idea. Nevertheless, we are going to explain to you here how to design a custom chassis and show you the complexity of the thing!

    You will find here the principle and the explanations for the realization

  • Canvas production process for paintings -

    From the fabric to the artist's canvas, the treatment involves 5 essential steps to achieve a quality canvas which will not move over time and which will not "crack" in the corners... Here you will find the principle and explanations for the realization